Elite Supercar Tours

ExclusiveGP’s Elite Supercar Tours to Monza, Monaco and Abu Dhabi, three of Formula 1’s® most anticipated races on the current calendar, offer bespoke driving experiences that combine luxurious supercars, top of the line hotels and carefully selected restaurants on these unique driving tours.

5-Star Accommodation

Enjoy carefully-selected hotels along your scenic route during the Elite Supercar Tour. Perfectly placed with comfort, elegance and picturesque surroundings in mind, your hotel accommodations provide you a haven of relaxation as you recuperate from the day’s Supercar route.

Michelin Star Restaurants

The highest level of fine dining establishments the world over, enjoy exceptional cuisine throughout your Elite Supercar Tour. Combining local delicacies with hallmark service, compliment your pallet in some of the world’s best and highly-rated restaurants.

Luxurious Supercars

Enjoy the very best car manufacturers by choosing from our fleet of Supercars. Fully loaded with in-car walkie talkies and navigational iPads, our fleet includes Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Audi, to name a few.

Scenic Routes

Take in the perfect European countryside along your Elite Supercar Tour with breathtaking scenery. From Italy’s Lake Garda to the rolling hills of Tuscany, Lake Geneva to the principality of Monaco, your route will take in some of Europe’s best roads.

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